Ginger Essential Oil


Jun 29, 2021

Perfumes as the most special branch of beauty industry, luxury, sexy, poetic and many other luxuriant adjectives can be placed on the evaluation of aroma, but often when it comes to sustainable let a person slightly hesitant.

In particular, how are the ingredients of perfume obtained? Are synthetic materials really good for all? For consumers are rather vague topics, people generally think of roses from rose essential oil, sandalwood from sandalwood, ambergris from sperm whales, sandalwood, musk deer, such as plants and animals to the brink of extinction, protected by BaoYuFa, due to multiple problems such as cost, scarcity, rare spices components are replaced by synthetic materials.

As noted perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux once explained, "Synthetics are what make the modern perfume industry possible, and the average perfume consists of 40-60 ingredients. And 70 percent are artificial and only 30 percent are natural."

On the surface, the quest for sustainable perfumes may seem like a fork in the road, but the fact is that synthetic fragrances created in chemistry LABS can be made without harming human skin or disrupting the global balance of flora and fauna, but they're not 100% pollution-free.

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