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Mint Flavor Cosmetic Use L-Menthyl Lactate

L-Menthyl lactate has a weak odor somewhat reminiscent of tobacco and chamomile. It is almost tasteless, with a lasting gentle cooling effect.

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Food Grade L-Menthyl Lactate is a white, crystalline substance giving a physiological cooling sensation on the skin and mucosa.

Natural Cooling Agent L-Menthyl Lactate

It is used to create neutral cooling effects in cosmetic or oral care preparations.The material is prepared by esterification of menthol with lactic acid.

Aroma threshold values

Aroma characteristics at 1.0%: menthol-like, cooling with a sweet salicylate nuance.

Taste threshold values

Taste characteristics at 25 ppm: a mouthwash-like effect with an aromatic mentholic coolness.


1. Cooling agent for e-vape liquid

2. cooler for Oral-care: Tooth paste, mouthwasher, Oral-spay...

3. Cooling agent for food: Chocolate, Candy, bubble Gum, Gum, Bread, Cookies, Jelly, Dried Fruit, Snow plum, Mint candy, Lollipop...

4. Coolant for Beverage: Juice, Baverege, Beer, Wine, Alcohol, red wine, Cola...

5.Skin care products: Skin-care skin-mask, Skin-cream, Boday cream, Hand cream, neck cream, Lotion, moisturizing water...

6. Makeup products:Lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, foundation, eyebrow powder. . .

7. Daily use products: Shampoo, shaving cream, soap, wet wipes, Shower Gel, breath freshener.....

8. Medicines: Ointment, antipyretic patch, anti-inflammatory medicine, talcum powder, Balm, Cough syrup, Ointment...

Cooling Agent L-Menthyl Lactate


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