Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil Body Massage Oil Thermal Body Ginger Rhizome

It is usually prepared using steam distillation, and can also be produced via distillation using ether.
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Product Introduction

Nartural Plant Garlic Oil is typically prepared using steam distillation, where crushed garlic is steamed with the resultant condensation containing the oil. Garlic oil contains volatile sulfur compounds such as diallyl disulfide, a 60% constituent of the oil. Steam-distilled garlic oil typically has a pungent and disagreeable odor and a brownish-yellow color. Its odor has been attributed to the presence of diallyl disulfide. To produce around 1 gram of pure steam-distilled garlic oil, around 500 grams of garlic is required. Undiluted garlic oil has 900 times the strength of fresh garlic, and 200 times the strength of dehydrated garlic.



Garlic oil broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity against a variety of pathogens including; viruses, bacteria, fungi e.g. Candida species, and parasites. It has been shown to be more potent than many commonly used anti-fungal agents and research has demonstrated garlic’s potent anti-fungal activity against cryptococcal meningitis, one of the most harmful fungal infections.


Population studies have clearly demonstrated the cell-protective properties of garlic consumption in areas where the garlic intake was high. Human studies show that garlic inhibits the formation of nitrosamines (the powerful cell damaging compounds formed in the digestive process).


Garlic exerts a wide range of benefits on the cardiovascular system, for the most part due to sulphur compounds such as allicin and allicin by-products (e.g. ajoenes). Research indicates that garlic supplementation lowers total serum cholesterol and improves the ratio between HDL and LDL. There is also evidence that garlic possesses a blood pressure lowering effect, an attribute that is mostly linked to the herb’s ability to reduce platelet aggregation.


Allicin has been shown to have significant hypoglycaemic action, which is thought to be due to the ability of certain sulphur compounds to reduce the destruction of insulin in the liver.


The various sulphur compounds present in garlic have been shown to inhibit the release of inflammatory compounds, and action which is complemented by the herb’s antioxidant properties.


The high concentration of sulphur compounds and mustard oils in garlic lead to a very potent ability to reduce mucous congestion. This action, combined with the significant anti-microbial activity accounts for the herb’s great popularity in treatment of respiratory infections.


It has been used throughout the centuries and is one of the oldest of cultivated plants, being a member of the lily family along with onions and chives. In addition to its medicinal actions, garlic is also rich in nutritional content, containing 33 sulphur compounds, 17 amino acids, germanium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and vitamins A, B and C.

Natural Pure Ginger Oil

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Anhui Chinaherb Flavors & Fragrances Co.,Ltd has established 11 covers an area of 30000square meters,building area of 12000 square meters.Main product:Spices,flavor and ecological agricultural product processing,plant extracts,pharmaceutical intermediates,food ingredients,food additives.


Currently we have obtained certificates of Kosher, Reach, Halal, FDA, Sedex, ISO, etc.

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